Best Tweets About Dating: Hilarious, Relatable, And Totally On Point!


Dating can be a rollercoaster of emotions – from the joy of swiping proper to the nerve-racking first date, and every thing in between. But don’t be concerned, you are not alone! Countless individuals take to Twitter to share their courting experiences, and let me tell you, some of these tweets are absolute gems. In this article, we’re going to dive into the world of dating via Twitter and discover the best and funniest tweets that capture the joys, frustrations, and relatable moments of the courting recreation. Strap your self in, as a outcome of that is going to be a wild ride!

The Rollercoaster of Emotions

1. The Joy of a Match

One of essentially the most exciting moments in on-line courting is when you finally match with someone you’re thinking about. Here are some hilarious tweets that perfectly seize that feeling:

  • "Getting a match on a relationship app is like finding a 20-dollar bill in an outdated pair of denims – unexpected, but oh so satisfying!"
  • "When I get a match on Tinder, I really feel like I’ve received some secret relationship lottery. Time to money in my chips, folks!"
  • "Matching with someone feels like getting the golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s relationship manufacturing unit. Will my goals come true?"

2. The First Date Jitters

First dates could be nerve-wracking, and Twitter is the place to search out relatable tweets about those butterflies in your stomach:

  • "Nothing makes my coronary heart race just like the three little dots indicating somebody’s typing their response after I counsel meeting up."
  • "Going on a first date is like being a contestant on a actuality present. Will we have chemistry or will or not it’s a total trainwreck? Let the video games begin!"
  • "Taking a deep breath earlier than a first date is like getting ready for battle. Deep down, I’m simply hoping I won’t embarrass myself."

3. The Dating Horror Stories

We’ve all had our fair proportion of relationship horror stories. Twitter is crammed with tweets that can make you cringe, snort, and thank your fortunate stars it wasn’t you:

  • "The only factor worse than a bad date is trying to discreetly text a friend underneath the table to come back save you."
  • "When your date shows up with a bouquet of flowers and you realize they’re really your ex’s favorite flowers. Talk about awkward!"
  • "After a disastrous date, I had to take a moment within the rest room to collect myself. Little did I know there was no bathroom paper. Suffice it to say, that was the final flush."

4. The Frustrations of Online Dating

Online relationship could be a love-hate relationship, and these tweets perfectly seize the frustrations many of us expertise:

  • "Swiping through dating apps is like looking for a needle in a haystack, except the haystack is made up of selfies and cheesy pickup traces."
  • "Why is it that after I lastly discover somebody interesting, they turn into unresponsive flingster or solely looking for a pen pal? It’s the final word dating mystery."
  • "I’ve become a master at decoding courting app bios. ‘Just here for pals’ actually means ‘I’m only here for the free meal.’"

The Universal Moments

1. The Art of Ghosting

Ghosting – it is a relationship phenomenon that has become all too frequent. These tweets hilariously capture the frustration and confusion that comes with being ghosted:

  • "If I might give an award for the quickest disappearing act, it might positively go to my final date. Poof! They had been gone quicker than a magician’s rabbit."
  • "Is ghosting the 21st-century model of calling ‘dibs’? Because it seems like I’m all the time the one who’s left empty-handed."
  • "Being ghosted feels like investing in a cryptocurrency that suddenly crashes. All that time and effort for nothing!"

2. The Struggles of Texting

Texting has turn into a vital part of relationship, however it does not always go easily. These tweets will make you laugh and nod your head in settlement:

  • "Trying to decipher tone and sarcasm through text messages is like making an attempt to unravel a Rubik’s Cube blindfolded. It’s a puzzle that by no means seems to have a transparent solution."
  • "Nothing sparks an existential disaster fairly like observing your telephone, questioning if it’s too quickly to ship one other text."
  • "My textual content sport is so robust, even Google starts suggesting full sentences based on my half-finished ideas."

3. The Perils of Online Profile Photos

Online dating relies heavily on profile pictures, and these tweets hilariously expose the realities behind the superbly posed photos:

  • "If my online courting profile photos had been sincere, they would consist of me binge-watching Netflix in my pajamas with a pint of ice cream."
  • "I wish online relationship allowed for ‘scrolling back’ options, so I may confirm whether or not or not my date’s profile picture was taken in 1995."
  • "Dating apps have taught me that a person’s photo-to-real-life ratio is about 1:10. Where are all of the real-life filters when you want them?"


Dating could be a wild experience, full of highs and lows, hilarious moments, and relatable experiences. Thankfully, Twitter supplies us with a platform to share these stories and make us understand that we’re not alone on this journey. The best tweets about courting capture the rollercoaster of feelings, from the joy of a match to the frustrations of on-line relationship, and everything in between. So the next time you finish up navigating the world of relationship, keep in mind to take a break, hop on Twitter, and relish in the hilarity and relatability of the most effective dating tweets. Happy dating!


1. How can I discover the "Buzzfeed best tweets" about dating?

To find the "Buzzfeed greatest tweets" about dating, you presumably can visit the official Buzzfeed web site and look for their dedicated part for tweets. Buzzfeed typically curates and publishes articles that includes the best and funniest tweets associated to various topics, including courting. You can use the search operate on their website or navigate via the totally different classes to find the articles particularly focused on dating. Additionally, you possibly can follow Buzzfeed’s social media accounts, such as Twitter, the place they frequently share and retweet humorous and relatable relationship tweets from numerous users.

2. How can I submit my very own tweet to be featured in Buzzfeed’s greatest tweets about relationship articles?

To have your personal tweet thought of for inclusion in Buzzfeed’s finest tweets about dating articles, you can follow a quantity of steps:

  • Make sure your Twitter account is public, as Buzzfeed usually options tweets from public accounts.
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3. Can I bookmark Buzzfeed’s best tweets about courting for future reference?

Yes, you can bookmark Buzzfeed’s finest tweets about courting for future reference. If you are using the Buzzfeed website, you probably can bookmark the article by clicking in your browser’s bookmark button or using the keyboard shortcut for bookmarking (e.g., Ctrl+D on Windows or Command+D on Mac). This method, you can easily access the article at a later time by going to your bookmarks menu or bar. Additionally, if you find Buzzfeed’s dating tweet articles on social media platforms like Twitter, you probably can "like" or "save" the specific tweet thread for future reference within your Twitter account.

4. Can I share Buzzfeed’s best dating tweets with associates on social media?

Yes, you possibly can share Buzzfeed’s greatest dating tweets with your friends on social media. Buzzfeed articles typically embody social media sharing buttons, which enable you to share the article or particular tweets instantly on varied platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Look for these sharing icons or buttons often situated at the high or bottom of the article or subsequent to the individual tweets. By clicking on the respective icon, you can select to share the article, tweet, or whole tweet thread with your mates or followers on your most well-liked social media platform.

5. Are Buzzfeed’s best tweets about dating completely featured on their web site, or can I discover them elsewhere?

While Buzzfeed’s own website is a major source for his or her greatest tweets about dating, you might also discover their curated tweet collections on different platforms. Buzzfeed publishes content on varied social media retailers, together with their official Facebook web page, Instagram account, and Twitter feed. They often share snippets or screenshots of the most effective tweets, creating standalone posts you could simply get pleasure from and share. Moreover, they might collaborate with popular relationship or relationship-focused social media accounts to showcase their best tweets about dating, extending the attain of their content material beyond their very own platforms.

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